Enzyme Wizard Commercial Carpet Shampoo – 1 Litre Twin Bottle (Min order 10)

$12.82 inc. GST

•Carpeted Areas
• Nylon and Stain-Resistant Carpet
• Draperies • Car Interiors
• Woodwork

Both a strong cleaner and odour remover, yet safe even for the chemically sensitive. It does not irritate hands or skin.
• Soap free formula.
• Removes stains and odours – makes carpets like new again.
• Residue-free
• Easy to use. Lifts carpet fibres for easy extraction
• Works in any type of shampooer, including rentals
e, Blood, Ashes. Soap free.
• No residue left behind after use
• Keeps working up to 48 hours after application
• All-in-one stain remover
• Pet safe

SAFE non-caustic ingredients – won’t damage fibre of the carpet or fabric
Can be used for general spotting of carpet as well as in carpet cleaning machines
Soap free, no Palm Oil, Non Toxic, No Ammonia, No Chlorine, septic safe.


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