Social Impact

In 2008, the Closing the Gap report highlighted the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Seven targets were agreed upon with a focus on education, literacy, employment and health.

As we believe that Indigenous people must be empowered to lead change in health outcomes, Integrity Health & Safety has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Congress of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives (CATSINaM) which is the peak body that supports advocacy, representation and education of Indigenous people in healthcare, nursing and midwifery.

“It was then that I decided to pursue a career in nursing. Going back to university as a mature-aged student has been a character-defining period in my life. It has caused me to face many challenges such as financial hardship and manage commitments associated with nursing school and raising a young family. However, it has been a great personal achievement to have successfully completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree.” – Gillian Aird, Funding recipient, Indigenous Registered Nurse and CATSINaM member.

Integrity Health & Safety supports the ongoing professional development of Indigenous nurses through a number of initiatives including pro bono first aid and CPR training, sponsoring nurses for Flu Vaccination, providing employment opportunities, sponsoring conference attendance of regional nurses and funding of clinical and personal development courses.


Integrity Health & Safety offers a range of work health & safety products, training, seasonal flu vaccinations and safety software, tailored to our clients needs.


Integrity Health & Safety have signed a memorandum of understanding with CATSINaM to use a percentage of profit to sustainably fund long term opportunities for Indigenous nurses 

Professional Development

Through co-design, CATSINaM members choose what courses they would like us to fund. A successful workforce must be a capable workforce – educated, driven and informed.

Empowering our health by our hands

Integrity Health & Safety funded nursing care of Aboriginal people by Aboriginal people in a culturally appropriate setting which, improves health outcomes and addresses inequity in health

Integrity Health & Safety supports the on-going professional development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nurses – these are some of their stories


Integrity Health & Safety Impact in action

Tayla Smith is a Registered Indigenous Nurse Midwife based at Townsville Hospital and one of our first recipients of funding towards a Nurse Immunisers course. Tayla was able to broaden her clinical knowledge and experience, providing timely Vaccinations to Indigenous patients within her community, and plans to use this experience as a stepping stone to continue her studies towards a Masters Degree in Nursing and Midwifery.

“For as long as I could remember I wanted to work in the health industry, and after witnessing the birth of my niece as a 16 year old girl, wanting to become a midwife became my focus and the drive I needed to complete high school. Looking more into midwifery and hearing of the complications my aunties and friends had during their childbearing journeys, I came to see how Aboriginal midwives could contribute to closing the gap in health disparities between our people and the non-Indigenous population. By targeting maternal health pre and post conception we are able to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes which in turn creates stronger, healthier babies and families. This could be the turning point in the history of First Nations health. By improving health whilst still in the womb we could create a chronic disease free future for our children and the following generations to come, strengthening our people and our blood lines. Being an Aboriginal midwife has given me the opportunity to provide safe and holistic care to our women and families which has improved their satisfaction with their care, increased the number of occasions of service and improved outcomes. I am so privileged to be a part of the most sacred times in a woman’s life and I am so thankful to all of the women and families I have assisted along their childbearing journey for allowing me to be a part of that.” – Tayla Smith, Funding recipient, Indigenous Registered Nurse, Midwife and CATSINaM member.

At this stage of my career, I am seeking a challenging myself to broaden my skill set and knowledge base in health care governance and leadership.  I am hoping I can lead and manage nursing care to innovation to deliver evidence-based practices to achieve optimal patient, family and community outcomes and staff strive for fulfillment.  I am eager to improve my high standards of practice, and continually learn via these short courses and hopefully postgraduate activities in my near future. Thank you to Integrity Health and Safety and CATSINaM for this opportunity to broaden my scope of practice as a nurse to work for and within First Nation health.” – Kirsty Leo, Funding recipient, Nursing Director of Indigenous Health, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Registered Nurse and CATSINaM member.


Our social impact model means that engagement with Integrity Health & Safety will fund tomorrow’s leaders of change in Indigenous health – placing Indigenous health in Indigenous hands.

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