Flu Vaccinations 2022

When flu season occurs, businesses and other organisations can suffer huge losses in terms of unplanned absences, sick leave, and reduced productivity.  For those looking for strategies to combat these losses, as well as demonstrating a commitment to employee health and wellbeing, flu vaccination services can deliver a real and measurable impact. Integrity Health & Safety offers workplace influenza programs in partnership with Australian Vaccine Services (AVS), one of Australia’s leading specialist corporate flu vaccination services and include:

Planning your COVID-19 and Flu Vaccinations

A specialist team of vaccination nurses, over 2,400 partner clinics and pharmacies nationally and the latest flu strain vaccines as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Complete end to end project management – all scheduling and paperwork is taken care of including an online booking system for employees, free promotional material and booking management to ensure maximum participation.

Our partnership funds the training of Indigenous nurses to provide vaccinations to regional and remote communities via CATSINaM and the Australian College of Nursing.

Our clients include

Our flu vaccination program funds Indigenous healthcare capability

Aboriginal children are up to 6 times more likely to suffer from some vaccine preventable diseases and mortality rates among Aboriginal children are higher than non-Aboriginal children.  Vaccination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is more often delayed, which is reflected in around 6% lower coverage at 12 months of age compared to other children. It is very important that vaccines due in the first year of life are given on time, to get the most protection when babies are most vulnerable.  A key challenge of delivering immunisation programs to regional and remote populations is that only nurses and doctors are authorised to administer vaccinations.

“Training Aboriginal health workers makes sense because we are already working with Aboriginal children living in remote locations and are trusted by the communities where we live.” Gail Yarran, Registered Nurse from Derbarl Yerrigan.

Historically, immunisation has been and remains, a simple, timely, effective and affordable way to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health, delivering positive outcomes for Australians of all ages.

Integrity Health & Safety has partnered with the Australian College of Nursing to offer positions for Indigenous Nurses to complete the Immunisation for registered Nurses and Midwives course, so that they may deliver vaccinations to their own communities in a culturally safe and appropriate way. This is an opportunity for our clients to affect meaningful and long-term benefit to Indigenous communities.

Information on our 2022 Flu Vaccinations and COVID-19 booster programs

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Australian Vaccine Services (AVS) is one of Australia’s leading specialist corporate flu vaccination service providers. AVS completed over 115,000 vaccinations across more than 2,400 locations nationally in 2021. Each year we work with a range of clients from Federal, State and Local Government departments, large, medium and small businesses, Universities, Councils, and non-for-profits.

We offer corporate flu vaccination services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania and many regional locations for your convenience.

AVS clients in 2020/2021 included the following:

Influenza vaccine supplies suffered national storages during the peak of the vaccination season with many people missing out on being able to get a vaccine in 2021. Most organisations have already booked for 2022, please contact us to confirm availability.

AVS will be working with all manufacturers in 2021 to ensure that we have a guaranteed supply for our clients. 2022 supply is beginning to be allocated, please contact us for availability.

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