"Time is of the essence… every minute that your heart is stopped the chances of surviving the event reduce by 7-10 %.
So, what that means in practice is if we’re 10 minutes away there’s a very, very low likelihood of people surviving."

NSW Ambulance Commissioner

Whether you are after one defib or hundreds, we can assist you:

Advice on Defibrillator selection

Audit your current defibs, batteries and pads

Online and face to face familiarisation training

Service and support

Lease a defibrillator for less than $1.80 per day

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Using our many years experience as Paramedics and Healthcare workers, we are able to advise on best practice for defibrillators in the workplace and help to empower your staff to feel confident to act in an emergency – and actions to cope after an emergency event.

Online Defibrillator Training

While anyone can use a defibrillator in an emergency, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with how to use one so that you’re confident to assist someone who’s suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Access our 10 minute online defibrillator training video

Familiarisation training

While anyone can use a defibrillator (even without first aid/CPR training), we recommend our on-line defibrillator familiarisation presentations which give your staff confidence in using defibrillators should the need arise. We also offer accredited first aid/CPR courses.

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NSW Sports Club AED Program

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